The Process

The Mechanical

Images are created with a Nikon digital camera and they are processed in Photoshop.
Lens of choice is often a Nikon 105mm Micro. Prints are made on acid free, archival quality, fine art paper.

The Artistry

Lori is all about capturing detail and texture with her “telephoto eyes”. As a self-developed artist, she has strong gut instincts.  Through quiet thoughtful observance of subject and light, she sees the finer details of life that are often overlooked.

Her images are often partially or completely desaturated of color to achieve the desired mood. In some cases Lori applies artistic filters if she feels that it adds to the tone or texture but they are usually so subtle, that they are nearly undetectable. What creates the mood and interest in her photography is the subject matter itself, the selection of lens which is used to gain all the delicious details, the creative angles and optimum light.


Her Grandmother, Mrs. Denny Bolesta (deaf educator)

Georgia O’Keefe

Early instruction with Suzanne Camp-Crosby

Sally Mann

Diane Arbus

Chuck Close

Henri Cartier-Bresson

The many artists that she has seen through gallery and museum visits

Her Surroundings – Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!

(Song lyrics and vocals by Terez Hartmann of Music Production and Harmonica Solo by John Hartmann)